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Complete Dentures

A traditional restorative option, for patients who have lost many of their teeth or have non-restorable teeth due to severe decay or periodontal disease, is a complete denture.  A complete denture can be for the upper, lower, or both  arches depending on the needs of the patient and replaces all teeth in that arch. 

Partial Dentures

When only a few teeth are needing to be replaced, the use of a partial denture can aid in restoring functionality and esthetics to those specific areas.  For a partial denture, there are different options for materials that the dentist may use to fabricate your denture.  As with complete dentures, partial dentures are removable.

Implant Supported Dentures

For the best restorative option, with the best support and retention (as compared to traditional dentures), patients can choose to have an implant supported denture.  When an implant supported denture is selected as the treatment option, implants are placed into the jaw as anchors that connect to the denture with custom attachments.  These attachments allow the denture to fit snugly into the mouth and to stay in place.  An implant supported denture may be either fixed or removable, as best decided at the time of evaluation between the patient and dentist.

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