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Emergency Care

Tooth pain can often be very stressful for many patients and our goal is to be here and available for our patients in order to properly evaluate, discuss options, and provide the appropriate treatment.  Dental emergencies can include tooth pain, broken teeth, infections, lost fillings, broken dentures/prosthesis, tooth sensitivity, and at times trauma to the teeth/mouth. 
Emergency visits require proper clinical examination and diagnostic testing/imaging to accurately evaluate and treat the problem.   
At times, tooth extraction may be needed and recommended for the patient if a tooth or teeth have become decayed/broken, or the surrounding bone loss has rendered these teeth non-restorable.  In most cases, extractions can be completed here in our office, while at other times the difficulty of the extraction may require treatment with an oral surgeon.

While some teeth may require extractions, others may be restorable with fillings, crowns, or root canals.  In most cases root canal therapy is recommended to be completed with the endodontist (root canal specialist) due to complexity of the treatment.  

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