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Payment Options

The best thing about our style of dentistry is our commitment to quality.  Our attention to detail and fine materials are second nature to us, however, we understand that everyone's financial situation is different and great dentistry won't count for much if it is beyond your means.  We make it a priority to ensure that treatment costs can remain as low as possible without having to sacrifice the quality of materials used.

As a courtesy to our patients we process insurance claims to all dental insurance companies but are only in-network with Delta Dental.  Patients are responsible for any fees not covered by their insurance benefits.  Our team understands that no one likes surprises and with that in mind, every effort is made prior to your appointment to best estimate any co-pays and portions that may not be covered by your insurance company.  

We ask that all co-pays and patient portions be paid in full at the time of service.  Forms of payment accepted in our office are cash, check, and credit card.  Special payment options may be available to certain patients with extensive treatment plans - these options are discussed at the time of treatment plan consultation.

Patient Forms

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